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Horse Chiropractics is the manual manuvering of the vertebrae structure to ensure nervous system control and complete muscle coordination. Misalignment or subluxation is defined as a vertebrae that has lost proper position related to the other vertebrae of the spine and is unable to move correctly. Subluxations cause pressure on the nerves that filter through the spine interfering with their proper functioning. These nerves are connected to every part of the horse’s body, they control all the internal systems such as digestive, circulatory, respiratory, reproductive and all the muscles throughout the body. This can interfere with movement, mobility and flexibility, which can cause pain, tight muscles, stiffness, resistance and other performance robbing symptoms. As the spine gradually loses flexibility the horse will show compensatory changes in posture and movement, most often due to the counter balancing of weight. These changes will cause stress on the other joints and muscles throughout the body.
Chiropractic & Massage Therapy
Equine Adjustment/Massage  $75
Other Animal Adjustment  $85

Trip Charge: A trip charge will apply if location is over 60 miles from Pleasant Hill, Iowa. Trip charge will be charged at $0.56 mile to and from location.

Magna Wave Treatment - $110

Magna Wave Treatment with chiropractic adjust the same day- $75

Weekend Show Special- Two Treatments for $160